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Stacey, Eyelash Technician

Stacy has been doing eyelash extensions for four years. She is certified in eyelash extension application and claims to have fallen into this profession by accident. “A friend was doing it and I loved the results of having mine done,” she said. “It worked really well with being a stay at home mom at the time and allowed me freedom and extra money.” When Stacy became single, it helped support her while making her available to still care for her children.

“I love what I do. It's a very gratifying specialty,” Stacy said. “It brings me joy helping women be excited about looking in the mirror, feeling younger and sexier, more vibrant. And it makes their daily make-up routine less time consuming and much easier.” 

Being a single mother, she understands the desire to look better, feel younger, and be able to treat one's self without worries of financial burden. Stacy is originally from San Diego, but has lived in Phoenix since 1990. In her free time she does whatever she can to make memories and enjoy life with her two children, such as movies, music, outdoor activities and playing with their dogs, cats and bunny that they love very much.